The Undiscovered: Niki & Stanislav

Niki & Stanislav


Instrumental Demo Serves Notice

Opening with a five-minute, guitar-only, rock instrumental track "Scenes From Bulgaria", guitarist Stanislav Hvartchilkov (along with his engineer Niki Georgiev) serve notice on their CD-R, Fragments, that shredders are alive and well in Bulgaria. Hvartchilkov (his nickname in London is Flying because is family name translated means "someone who flies) lets his fingers, knuckles and hands fly up and down the fretboard on his opening statement, while the second track ("Future Hill (Part I): A Tale") starts out on a slow soulful note, before letting loose with some shredder freak out (again, no percussion). They do manage to add a drum machine to the sound in songs such as the more traditional slow rocker "Future Hill (Part II): Two Souls, One Cross" before morphing into solo electric guitar once again towards the end. The playing technique is stellar throughout the demo; the arrangements of his material probably need more attention (getting beyond the improvised guitar solos) in order to really broaden the audience beyond curiosity seekers.


Stanislav has been studying the classical guitar since the age of 5, but over the past four years has also devoted himself to electric guitar. He gave his first recital at age13, and has won numerous prizes in international competitions from 1993 through 2004. Stanislav has also made recordings for National Bulgarian Radio and Television. He first began playing music on the electric guitar in the neo-classical style similar to Yngwie Malmsteen and Jason Becker, but felt the style tends to steer the player towards a showcase of technical ability and takes away from the deepness of the music. Stanislav decided to make music which incorporates Bulgarian folk elements, but with the power of the rock guitar. He has given recitals in countries across Europe, including England, Switzerland, Denmark, Greece, Germany and Bulgaria.

At the moment, Hvartchilkov is studying classical guitar at the Royal Academy of Music in London on full scholarship.

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