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Never Wonder Who They Are Again

Aggressive, modern rock with driving guitars mark the CD-R of four tracks being circulated by the California band Neverwonder. Gutsy, powerful, chops-bustin' vocals are provided by Joy Pearson, while the rock riffs are supplied by Flint Mavis, a guitarist who grinds out earth-crushing rhythms on the heaviest track, "Fate" with primal abandon. If you're into extended guitar solos, Neverwonder might not be the band for you (although "Turnaround" proves that, when called for, Mavis can rip out an agile solo without breaking a sweat); Mavis is primarily a textural player, adding swirling guitar arpeggios, crunchy rhythms - in short, keying his playing towards serving the song. The Ramos brothers are a great team, ensuring heavy bass and drums support the music, which hints at Stone Temple Pilots, Alice In Chains, Alanis Morisette and the Black Crows.


Vocalist Joy Pearson toured the world and performed with the National Tour of the Broadway show "Crazy For You." Her passion for success has carried her in the industry for several years - all the way from Philadelphia to Los Angeles. The pulse and backbone of the band are Andres and Vincent Ramos (Exploiting Eve), exceptional musicians voted one of the Best Bands in Southern California by Music Connection magazine. The duo's experience includes playing venues such as House of Blues (LA/OC), Roxy, Key Club and the Viper Room. Flint Mavis (Lovecraft, Trainwrecked) is an experienced songwriter and guitarist bringing a unique energy to the band with his amazing guitar sound, adding the necessary elements to complete the group.

Neverwonder's goals are to become Grammy Award winning artists, headline world tours, achieve multi-platinum sales status, and create a multimedia empire in no less than the music, movie, and online industries.

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