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Neil Kellow


Appealing To Guitarists & Laymen Alike

English guitarist Neil Kellow's Sundays CD-R is a collection of gently rolling tunes alongside powerful instrumental songs. Each of the thirteen tracks shows versatility and Kellow's poignant musical storytelling abilities. Cinematically composed and atmospherically arranged, the spatial instrumentals are like a soundtrack to a subtle thriller with many subtexts, as Kellow uses a variety of electric and acoustic axes to increase the sense of dynamics and variety. On "Dog Leg Swift" for example, Kellow ups the energy level, using fiery wah-wah to drive the track to new heights. "Photographs" is one of his moodier melodic tracks, a softly glowing tone treasure. Kellow is obviously devoting a lot of time to his craft, and so the future looks promising for years of instrumental works to come.


Neil began playing guitar eleven years ago at the age of nineteen. Initially inspired by rock greats such as Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Paul Gilbert, he decided to take his interest in music as far as he could and studied music at the degree level at Derby University. Always recording short tunes and musical ideas, Sundays is the first material Neil got together with a view to offering a product for outside criticism. After opening his web site in early 2002, he has sold over 700 copies of Sundays without advertising the site, nor the CD. Also, Neil played as a demo player at the Tokai stand at the UK music fair, getting a great response from "Photographs" and "Slime Bag", two tracks from his album.

Currently, Kellow is writing an average of three new tracks a week, and is working on a second collection of pieces which he hopes will blow Sundays out of the water.

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