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Neil Haverstick


Electronic Music For Guitar And Guitar Synth

Other Worlds is experimental guitarist Neil Haverstick's CD-R tribute to outer space and all the other worlds that could be. Featuring two 17 minute pieces ("Other Worlds" using a 34 tone Telecaster and "Nebulae" using a 12 tone Cort Flying V) and two 10 minute pieces ("The Spider" using a 19 tone Starr guitar and "Didgeridon't" using a Roland GR-300 fretless guitar), the tracks are improvisational, microtonal and will take the listener into aural galaxies on the other side of the worm hole. The title track was recorded live at Microstock 4 in Denver. Colorado, while "Didgeridon't" features John Starrett on Starrboard. If you are ready for a mighty musical challange, or need music for your next trip to Deep Space Nine, we're pretty sure Other Worlds is distinct and beyond anything in your CD collection today.


Neil started playing guitar in 1965 after being moved by the music of the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Cream. He began working with microtonal systems in 1989. As a composer, Neil won Guitar Player magazine's 1992 Ultimate Guitar Competition (Experimental Division) with a 19-tone guitar piece, "Spider Chimes". Neil has written for Guitar Player and Cadence and has written two music theory books, "The Form Of No Forms" and "19 Tones: A New Beginning". As a teacher, Neil has been on the faculty of Swallow Hill Music Association since 1990, teaching hundreds of students, both privately and in classes. He performs regularly and his "Microstock" alternate tuning festival is in its fourth year.

Haverstick continues to push the sonic boundaries of the guitar. After all, as Haverstick states, "There is this Uruguayan who plays a 53-tone guitar..." It's always nice to have room to grow.

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