The Undiscovered: Neil Fraser

Neil Fraser


Soaring, Melodic, Instrumental Rock Guitar

England's Neil Fraser is currently marketing Stratosphere, his latest CD-R project of guitar-driven rock instrumentals in the vein of Joe Satriani and Gary Hoey. The project consists of seven engaging, original compositions, which showcase Fraser's skill on the six-string, and include examples of some beautifully tasteful playing, notably on the song "Antoniette". The other tracks are mainly propulsive, uptempo romps which allow for oodles of lightning-quick finger-wiggling and fluid legato bursts. The same lead guitar tone is used throughout all the cuts, which means each track doesn't quite establish it's own sonic identity. But devotees of athletic guitar affairs will be playing their air guitars over songs such as "Spacewalk" and "Cosmic Chameleon".


Neil began playing guitar at the tender age of nine. He counts as early influences such players as Hank Marvin, Ritchie Blackmore, Gary Moore and others. Neil joined his first band, "Purple Haze", at age fifteen, and has played in a number of groups since that time, in styles such as jazz, funk, acoustic and heavy metal. One outfit he was in, Broadsword, won an 'on air' battle of the bands, garnering radio airplay for the group. Neil finds working on his own as a solo artist to the most satisfying and he has spent more effort to improve his playing and become a more effective guitarist.

Fraser's aim is to develop his guitar playing through writing and recording, and to spread the word about himself and his music via marketing his CD-R.

Contact Information

Neil Fraser
P.O. Box 1354
Stafford ST20 OSA