The Undiscovered: Mobilis Stabilis

Mobilis Stabilis


An Edge Rock Instrumental Band

Delivering a progressive fusion of rock with some exotic instrumentation is the Brazilian band Mobilis Stabilis on their CD, Extra Corpore. Featuring Helcio Aguirra as primary guitarist, and Joao Luiz Braghetta as secondary guitarist (guitar synth and sitar, as well as regular guitar), the band offers intricately arranged pieces rife with improvisation, aggressive solos, and additional surprise elements. The guitar playing is consistently focused, spirited not shredded, yet with the 'edge' and attitude to make for great listening. Standout tracks such as "Os 10 Pensamentos", "Stabilix" and the title track are guitar-oriented compositions that challenge and confound one's expectations, and with five of the album's eight tracks exceeding eight minutes in length, no one will feel cheated that the musical ideas were not explored in depth. Worth a close listen.


Formed by great musicians from the Brazilian music scene, Mobilis Stabilis is determined to produce a real 'synthesis', collecting and mixing a large number of cultural references. The rhythmic and harmonic structures that come from the band's core create a sound full of density, mobility and complexity. The members of the group define themselves as an 'edge rock' instrumental band, since their compositions and the arrangements are marked by the use of instruments which are far from traditional rock, such as Hindu sitar, flute, violin and more. Their name, Mobilis Stabilis, is inspired by the work of American artist Alexander Calder.

Looking to make headway into the English-speaking music market, Mobilis Stabilis is poised to establish themselves as an instrumental force to be reckoned with.

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