The Undiscovered: Mike Krysl

Mike Krysl


St. Louis Instrumental Rock

Guitarist Mike Krysl is circulating his DAM CD-R entitled Next To Nothing, an eleven track opus of progressive instrumental rock. Krysl has been playing guitar for a long time, so he is a solid soloist, and he incorporates a host of creative ideas in his arrangements. Production-wise the CD-R is demo quality; here Krysl can improve things, specifically by using a cabinet simulator or miking the amp, hooking up with a human drummer, and modifying the tone on his guitar much more between (or within) tracks. The first half dozen tunes have basically the same overdriven guitar sound, which gets old halfway through track 3. A really nice acoustic guitar is introduced in track 7, "Heaven And The Deep Blue Sea Pt. 2", which gives the listener a welcome break, and leads into a nice solo piece, "The Road To Kingdom City". Compositionally, "Tango Luna" is a strong number, incorporating NASA sound clips into the composition, while the opener, "The Man On The Wall", introduces Krysl's ferociously catchy hooks to the new listener. Cover tracks include Santana's "Aqua Marine" and Paul Desmond's "Take Five".


Mike has been playing guitar for over 20 years, and has been in and out of countless bands. He considers himself primarily a rock player, although he enjoys playing in a variety of styles. Mike credits Edward Van Halen for blowing his mind back in 1978 and for providing the guitar he plays. Other influences include Steve Howe, Robin Trower, Django Reinhardt and Leonard Bernstein. He is focused 100% on composition at the present time, not performing live solo, or with a band. Mike prefers to channel all his energy into writing and recording.

Krysl hopes that, if he can generate enough interest in his music, assembling a live band will be the next order of business.

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Mike Krysl
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