The Undiscovered: Mikael Hanstroem

Mikael Hanstroem


Sweden's Experimental Instrumental Rock

Mikael Hanstroem is a guitarist/composer from Sweden whose demo CD-R, entitled Mind Blowing Band, features eight all-instrumental tracks of rock-based material. Hanstroem's strength is to write simple melodies that are memorable enough to set his compositions apart from the rank-and-file instrumental songs out there. He regards his lead guitar voice as a replacement for the singing that would normally carry the track. Songs such as "Happy Mood" and "Sailing Into Destiny" are strong melodic efforts, reflecting the hard work Hanstroem puts into the writing and recording process. Tracks such as "Late Nite Jazz" and "The Man With The Golden Guitar" reflect Hanstroem's latent fusion influences, as the guitarist delivers music somewhat outside the rock sphere -- a nice bit of variety. Overall, Mind Blowing Band satisfies on many levels -- hopefully Hanstroem will be able to release a full-blown CD sometime in the future, as his compositional gifts strengthen over time.


Mikael considers the roots of his playing style deriving from bands such as Rush, Pink Floyd, Yes, The Police, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. He has played the guitar since the age of fourteen in local bands, mostly rock groups. Today, Mikael is thirty-six and he plays in a big band and in a cover band, playing mostly '60s and '70s music. He has always been interested in music and guitar playing, and has a love for guitars, especially Gibson guitars. Mikael also plays keyboards and bass guitar.

Hanstroem's goal is to put a band together and perform his original music, so he is currently seeking a bass player and a keyboardist.

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