The Undiscovered: Miguel Mega

Miguel Mega


Instrumentalist Fuses Rock, Blues, Jazz, Funk & Country

Brazilian guitar player Miguel Mega is circulating his CD-R of original instrumental rock and fusion entitled Intuitive. Influenced by players such as Edward Van Halen, Scott Henderson, Angus Young, Ritchie Blackmore and others, Mega favors straightforward arrangements that offer abundant opportunities for soloing and improvisational moments. The opening track, "Sun Dawn Blues" features a great deal of creative lead work, the sparse instrumentation (Mega handles all the backing tracks himself) opening up plenty of room for speed and sheer intensity. His jazzier moments can be found on songs such as "1112 (Little Thing)", a smooth track featuring double tracked acoustic guitars. Mega should continue to develop along the path he has chosen, and we should expect to hear some superb material coming from him in the future.


Born in Portugal, Miguel began playing the guitar at age 15, and has been trying to really understand what "music" means since then. He recorded on his first album in 1992 with his band Last Joker. After the breakup of Last Joker in 1994, Miguel traveled to Los Angeles to study guitar, recording and the music business. He studied guitar with Joey Tafolla and Jean Mark Belkadi and took production and recording courses at the Music Box Studios in Hollywood. Upon returning to Brazil, Miguel began recording, completing the instrumental album "Miguel Mega" in 1997, then beginning work on the tracks that would make up Intuitive in 1998.

Mega is now working on an album with a band, writing all the material, but allowing space for improvisation by the other band members.

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