The Undiscovered: Mick Neil

Mick Neil


Rock Instrumentalist Seeks Contract

Mick Neil, a rock guitarist from Detroit, submitted his 5 song instrumental demo CD-R, featuring rock and hard rock tracks with metal and shred overtones. Neil favors a ripping, overdriven tone, using 7- and traditional 6-string guitars to deliver his furious leads. All the songs feature virtuosic soloing, with lightning speed legato licks, melodic runs, technical metallic guitar work, bass-heavy rhythmic chuck being the order of the day. His opus, the nine minute plus opening track "Quest For The Astral Plane" is also his newest track, and is a dynamic piece which pulls together all of the techniques and compositional leanings he's acquired since he started recording his music. Neil is a guitarist who can have a bright future if he continues along the path he has chosen.


Mick started playing at age 12, after hearing Van Halen's "Little Guitars". He also enjoyed the hard rock bands of the day, such as Ratt, Quiet Riot and Def Leppard. Later, Mick got into metal bands such as Megadeth and Metallica before attending junior college to begin taking classes in music. There he was exposed to Classical music, where he really took to Bach. Nowadays, Mick works a 58 hour work week at a regular job and records whenever he has the time and inspiration.

Neil's goals include getting a contract and becoming a recording artist. He is confident he has the 'goods' to deliver, and make money as a professional musician.

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Mick Neil
United States