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Michael Vick


Music For Fretted & Fretless, Electric & Classical

Michael Vick's CD-R Hectic-Eclectic: Guitar Masterworks Vol. I: A Collection features a total of eleven tracks, ranging in length from two minutes to over eighteen minutes. A mostly instrumental collection, Vick emphasizes the 'creative' (with a capital 'C') in his music, offering compact nuggets of guitar-based nuttiness alongside extended, jammy, no-holds-barred freewheeling improvs, such as "3rd-VEN" and "Islands Of Thought A/B". Vick's sometimes eccentric approach may take some getting used to, but his dedication to originality and eclecticism is to be admired. He has even created four unique tunings which are used with exotic rhythms to create a sonic landscape of modern proportions with traditional fundamentals. Pick up a copy of his CD-R if you're ready to have your mind blown, dropping your conventional notions of music in favor of the esoteric.


Michael started on piano at age 11, but was given his first guitar at age 13. In 1987, he began studying the classical guitar at the College of Charleston with Michael Poulus. After performing some with the Charleston Symphony Orchestra and the College of Charleston Guitar Quartet, Michael began delving deeper into all types of music. At age 18, he formed the Michael Vick Trip. The group played his originals, along with Hendrix, Primus, Allman Brothers, Frank Zappa, etc. Upon moving to Atlanta, Michael formed Wit's End to depart from the music in the Michael Vick Trip - exploring sounds to their fullest extent. Since relocating to Charleston, he has played many solo gigs and also reformed the Michael Vick Trip full ensemble. Shows typically include a solo set, changing over into the full ensemble, which can include two full kit drummers and lots of pure improvisation.

Vick plans to get a reliable manager/agent to help further his career and crack foreign markets and additional U.S. markets. He will continue to explore his musical ideas, plan larger tours, and work on his upcoming recording with Ryan Shah, due out in 2003.

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