The Undiscovered: Michael E. Thomas

Michael E. Thomas


Intense, Dramatic Guitar Rock

Manning both guitar and vocals (this is the month for guitarist/singer/songwriters it seems) is the UK based musician Michael E. Thomas on his latest CD Ruby In The Dust. Sparking his rock/pop compositions with high-intensity, blues fused leads ("Rock N' Roll Man"), Thomas creates a very listener-friendly vibe over the thirteen tracks. Ballad tempo numbers such as "Stars That Fall" also feature tasteful, bluesy fills, while the seven-minute opus "Flyin'" offers long, wah-inflicted solo sections with multiple guitars improvising over the aggressive, alcohol-soaked groove. As Bruce Springsteen is quoted as saying, "You're loud, but your good, I like it," this is the kind of rock that is best enjoyed at a ripping loud volume and large supply of your favorite inebriates. It'll take you back, and bring you forward again.


Michael is a rock guitarist, singer-songwriter, producer, who cut his musical chops from the New Jersey shoreline to New York City. He has toured the east coast of America to England. Michael performs shows in the UK and Ireland where he is based. He plays shows and records sessions in the United States when he's back in town. His debut album, "When Bullets Fly", has received rave reviews. It reached the top 10 for 5 weeks in June 2000, for the "Favorite New Artist" category by Broadband Talent Net and appeared in the July 2000 issued of Billboard International Magazine. In September of 1999, the Michael E. Thomas Band performed an electrifying showcase at their record release party for "When Bullets Fly" at The Fez in New York City. Michael's style of guitar playing involves creating soundscapes using a violin bow and an echoplex. His fierce blues riffs have captivated audiences in the United Kingdom, America and Ireland.

Thomas and his band have major label interest and are currently seeking proper management to pursue this opportunity.

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