The Undiscovered: Michael Berk

Michael Berk


Percussive Acoustic Guitarist Plans Career

London fingerstyle guitarist Michael Berk has already been compared to the the likes of Michael Hedges, Adrian Legg and Preston Reed, and the intricate compositions on his debut CD Organized Chaos certainly invite comparisons with these masters. The CD itself was self-financed and recorded in the summer of 2001. Advancing a percussive style on a steel-strung acoustic, album cuts such as "All Enquiries" and the title track leap from the speakers, displaying technical mastery, a robust, commanding acoustic guitar tone and a passion for the sensitive side of guitar playing. The unpredictability of his compositions is also a strength - the music keeps your attention and offers a sense of fullness of expression. Some of the quotes about his performances include The 12 Bar Club's statement, "Michael performs a storming set of guitar virtuosity, exploiting the guitar as a percussive instrument," and Up All Nights comment, "Not for the faint of heart." Berk is an acoustic guitarist on the rise.


Michael began playing music about nine years ago, at the age of twelve. He started playing in bands almost right away, but only over the past two years has he begun to perform solo guitar at bars, clubs, festivals and open mic nights in and around London. Michael is looking to advance to larger venues, such as concert halls, theaters and art centers, and to that end, focuses on defining and enhancing his own original style on the acoustic guitar.

Berk's ambition is to make a career from performing and recording his own music, and he is looking for anyone that can move him closer to achieving his goal, including record companies, booking agents and management.

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