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Michael Abdow


Yes, But Can He Play Fast?

Here's one thing you won't be saying to yourself after listening to the three tracks on Michael Abdow's demo CD-R. OK, are you ready? You won't be saying, "Gee, it's good, but I wish he would just play faster!" You won't be saying that. Abdow has got the speed thing locked in. Even neo-classical guitarist Tom Hess, who knows a thing or three about speedy playing, remarked, "Dig your stuff man, you're a killer player!" The three demo songs are from Abdow's forthcoming instrumental album, coming out in 2007, and aside from a keyboard solo on "Savage Garden", it's all Abdow. This is one prodigious player, he can also play slow (some speed demons can't, believe it or not), and fans of heavy shred and metal now have a new name to watch out for. Check out the debut release when it becomes available.


Hailing from western Massachusetts, Michael began playing guitar in 1997. Throughout high school, he studied fingerstyle guitar and played in an amateur progressive metal band. In 2002, he began studying jazz guitar and general composition under Bob Ferrier at Holyoke Community College, where he earned an Associate's Degree in music. At about this time, he also began studying with virtuoso Tom Kopyto with whom he taught at a local music store. The fall of 2004 saw Michael join the western Massachusetts metal band Tempus Mori. Based in Springfield, MA, Tempus Mori has completed two EPs and plays throughout New England. His instrumental music is melodic metal with shredding leads and seven-string riffage. Drawing on all his influences, it is heavily focused on groove and phrasing. Influences include Michael Romeo, Tony MacAlpine, Rob Johnson, Vinnie Moore, Tom Kopyto and Frank Gambale.

Abdow is currently writing and recording music for Tempus Mori and his instrumental project as well as teaching guitar in the greater Springfield area.

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