The Undiscovered: Meyvn



Progressive Metal, Texas-Style

Austin, Texas progressive metal group Meyvn's first demo CD-R, Introduction, was recently recorded on a mobile Pro Tools setup in Meyvn's practice room - over 20 minutes of instrumental music stretched out over three songs ("Revolution", "Last Rites", "Cadence"). The trio consists of guitarist Drew Creel, keyboardist Charles Shultz and drummer Brad Colson, each a formidable player in his own right, and each with years of service in progressive bands in their resumes. You'll hear echoes of Dream Theater, Stratovarius and Fates Warning in their demo, with Creel's guitar work shifting focus in dizzying fashion, as he and Shultz play off each other's riffs and lines. Even some neo-classical influences sneak their way into the arrangements - this is some good stuff here. Expect to hear more from this band in the near future, especially when their full-length CD is released.


Drew began playing guitar at age 14, shortly after enrolling in high school. Throughout most of high school and early college, Drew focused on jazz and played with many local jazz orchestras and combos. It wasn't until his senior year in high school that he started listening to progressive metal bands, and after a year or two of that he decided to give up on jazz and focus on progressive music. After playing in several progressive rock and metal bands in the Austin and Houston area, Drew answered an ad in the local newspaper placed by a keyboard player looking for a band. The keyboard player was Charles Shultz, and after a brief stint with San Antonio band Divine Ruins, Drew and Chuck decided to form a new, more powerful, more progressive band - Meyvn

Meyvn is currently writing songs for their first full-length album. In addition, the band is shopping their demo to record companies and playing small shows in Texas.

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