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Matthieu Chell Pain


Death Metal Meets Indian Music

Matthieu Chell Pain's CD-R, The Mushrooms' Fantasy, is a heroic-fantasy parody. Some mushrooms who live underground (called the Dark Mushrooms) plan to invade mushroomland where the nice mushrooms live. Some of the nice mushrooms go to the mountains where the Zen Mushrooms dwell to ask for help. The main music style is progressive rock but you can hear baroque counterpoint, heavy melodic guitar solos, death metal, Indian music, symphonic music and even flamenco. The album includes two other songs not related to the Fantasy, one of which, "Angel", is dedicated to Jason Becker. "Angel" features some of the most emotionally wicked soloing, and may be a great place to start experiencing Pain's music and technical artistry.

Matthieu is a guitar player/composer from Toulouse, France. He was born in 1981, and he started playing guitar at 15. The music Matthieu plays is deeply influenced by blues, classical music and rock. He has spent time with a blues pop band and a progressive metal band, but the lack of serious musicians led him to work solo on his own compositions - hence, the idea for a rock opera. Matthieu has also completed an album of electronic music, and is almost done with another CD with vocals and blues solos. A fourth solo CD is in the works, which will be exclusively instrumental and very much influenced by classical music. Matthieu works as a guitar teacher, but tendonitis in his left arm forced him to stop playing guitar until it heals.

Pain's goal is to work with artists from every culture. Like Jimi Hendrix and Shawn Lane before him, he finds playing and jamming with musicians from different cultures creates a powerful music that takes the listener to another dimension.

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