The Undiscovered: Matt Bieth

Matt Bieth


Old-School Shred

Screaming out of Aurora, Illinois (home of Wayne and Garth, and their amazing cable show, "Wayne's World"), is guitarist Matt Bieth, who submitted his two-song demo CD-R of old-school shred. Displaying an aggressive alternate picking attack, and tons of hyper-speed legato licks, Bieth kicks off the metallic "Massive G's" with an emotionally melodic motif before laying into the extended improvisational section with snarling rhythms and cutting lead work. Admittedly low tech in his approach, Bieth does what he can with his equipment on this one. The second track is entitled "Preacha", and he plays real drums on this one (an old beat up Tama kit), as well as an Epiphone Rock Bass. Bieth pulls out the wah-wah pedal for this one, squirting psychedelic, fiery single-note lines and funk bass all over this puppy. Job one, at this point, is probably some new recording equipment - or a best friend with some new recording equipment!


Matt's music schooling began with piano lessons, which he soon quit. He then began studying percussion with his school band, and shortly thereafter picked up the guitar. Matt's formal guitar instruction began in college, enrolling in a program to study classical guitar. He found he loved music theory classes the best, applying what he learned there to the guitar. Matt remarks, "My demo may be the lowest budget effort ever submitted to you. I recorded it on a Tascam analog four track with one Shure 57, and a 15 watt Crate amp. The drum sound for one of the tracks is a 'Sears and Roebuck special' keyboard from Yamaha. There are no effects. Just raw takes. I use cheap things to record."

Currently, Bieth is a special needs assistant at an elementary school during the day, and he teaches guitar at night.

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Matt Bieth
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