The Undiscovered: Mathias Holm

Mathias Holm


Swedish Instrumentalist Does It On His Own

Sweden has produced another guitarist/composer of note, 26-year-old Mathias Holm. On his completely self-made CD, Pictures Of A Dream, Holm plays guitar, bass, keyboards, contributes drum programming, wrote, produced and arranged all sixteen tracks and even designed the cover art. Holm rates Al Di Meola, Vinnie Moore and Mike Oldfield as his biggest influences, and his compositional style definitely favors Moore. Holm possesses prodigious technique, which he uses to his advantage through dizzying solos on the atmospheric "Pictures Of A Dream" and via Pentium-speed acoustic guitar mutes and electric guitar fretwork on "Day Of Silence".


Mathias first picked up the guitar at the age of 13, and with great self-determination and ambition, developed his well-crafted guitar style and highly developed command of the fretboard. Interest in writing instrumental guitar pieces like Moore and Yngwie Malmsteen sparked a desire in Holm to release his own record. However, sensing the difficulty for unknown guitar instrumentalists to obtain record deals, Mathias decided to record the album himself, beginning in 1995. With the assistance of drummer Mats Eriksson-Wigg, he recorded and released the hard-rocking Pictures Of A Dream.

The all-instrumental Pictures Of A Dream is being released in Japan on the Shinseido/Sound Treasures label, and will be distributed in Europe by Border Music. Holm would now like to find U.S. distribution or label representation for his album

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