The Undiscovered: Marty Rakaczewski

Marty Rakaczewski


Rocker Howls At The Moon

"Caution: Listening to this CD backwards can cause you to turn into a werewolf!" So states the back of guitarist Marty Rakaczewski's demo CD-R, Werewolves In Paradise. Consider yourself warned. Although no one here could test the validity of the warning, since no one could figure out how exactly to play the CD-R backwards in the first place, it was decided to play it forwards, and take the consequences. Two instrumental rock tracks were included. The first, the "Werewolves In Paradise" features a lot of howling, as one might expect, along with hard rock and metal soloing with plenty of two handed tapping, metal squeals and wang bar antics from the Van Halen school of axemanship. "The Spirit Of The Dragon" follows and is a ballad tempo number that features some good slow licks followed by a crazy two-handed middle section.


Marty is a 25 year old musician from Wilkes-Barre PA, who has been playing the drums, guitar and keyboards for about 10 years. He has shared the stage with many bands, doing opening shows for national acts such as Brett Michaels, Ratt, Firehouse, Overkill and Get Your Guns. Marty has also collaborated on movie soundtracks, and has done recording for hire. He typically plays all the instruments on all of his recordings. Marty's music influences include Led Zeppelin, Cream, Black Sabbath, Motley Crue, Dokken and Guns 'N Roses. As far as guitar players he prefers Joe Satriani, Eddie Van Halen, George Lynch, Steve Lynch and Steve Vai.

Rakaczewski's goal is to get rock music back to the forefront and bring back great musicianship and a great stage show. He wants to release his own album and take his show on the road - he won't stop until he reaches as many new people with it as possible.

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