The Undiscovered: Mark Gibson

Mark Gibson


Persisting With A Hard Rock Vision

Ripping, speed-drunk solos. Savage, better-shred-than-dead licks. Asymmetrical legato lines. Jarring rhythmic changes. Vai-like harmonies and squeals. All these and more grace the CD-R submitted by British guitarist Mark Gibson, entitled Persistence Of Vision. This guy can play your ears off, and does so relentlessly over 13 instrumental tracks over pretty stock drum machine patterns - but don't worry, you'll be air-guitaring your way through the material anyway. Not to day Gibson doesn't have a sensitive side - "Spirit Of Life" is a laid back, thoughtful number, in which he still manages to inject colorful guitar tones and sophisticated fretwork. Gibson loves to blaze though, so if you love listening to guys who love to blaze, Persistence Of Vision will be right up your alley. Imagining Gibson with a powerhouse drummer on a proper CD release... well it's OK to dream, isn't it?


Mark is currently 25 years old, lives in Northumberland in the North of England, and has been playing guitar for about nine years. He started on the classical guitar when he was about 12 years old, and within a year, was performing at schools around the region. He was later asked to join the local Classical Guitar Ensemble and they performed regular concerts and made a few television appearances. Mark also performed concerts with the Ensemble in St. Petersburg, Russia and studied with many renowned Russian classical musicians. He has studied with acclaimed classical guitarist/composer Gilbert Bibenan. At the age of 14, Mark discovered the electric guitar, and later formed a band, Xylem, to play Extreme, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani covers.

Gibson is currently a member of the progressive/hard rock band everRain. In the future, he hopes to be successful with everRain and as a solo artist.

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