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Mario Tomic


Croatian Guitarist Seeks Soundtracks

Mario Tomic is a guitarist from Split, Croatia, who submitted his eighteen song instrumental demo. Tomic is very fond of soundtrack music, so not surprisingly, each of the first ten or eleven songs on the demo kind of follow in that kind of pattern - rambling, improvised melodic statements over a wash of arpeggiated or strummed chords. Tomic seems to also love effects. Normally you'll hear his guitar almost drowning in delay and reverb, which does give the music a dream-like soundtrack quality (probably what Tomic was striving for). Some of the later tracks on the demo feature a beat box and - surprise - heavily effected guitar, this time with some radically intense phasing. Overall the production is very basic and could use the strong hand of a focused and dedicated engineer or producer. Tomic just needs to channel his energies into stronger melodic themes, with a bit less improvisation, and a judicious use of effects.


Mario started playing guitar at the age of 10, after the father of one of his friends gave him a Led Zeppelin album. He is currently 29 years old, and has played in three local bands, the last two of which play blues covers. Mario went to school to learn acoustic and electric guitar and is versed in many styles, such as rock, blues, funk and jazz. When recording, Mario does all the composing, arranging, engineering and mixing. He is currently working for a music management company in Australia and plays gigs for management musicians in the rock, blues and jazz genres.

Tomic's goal is to release an instrumental album and to someday compose music for movies like his heroes Ry Cooder, Steve Lukather and Trevor Rabin. He would also like to work with other artists in musical collaborations.

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