The Undiscovered: Marin Jerkunica

Marin Jerkunica


Classical, Flamenco And More

Jednom Davno... (in English, Once Upon A Time) is the title of Croatian guitarist Marin Jerkunica's six song CD-R, which features lyrical and rhythmic guitar pieces in a flamenco, jazz and classical conglomeration. Exquisitely played guitar is what catches your ear right off the bat - Jerkunica has a highly developed technique, and a keen sense of dynamics. The guitarist has the enviable ability to play clearly executed passages with speed and passion, and each composition on his album has virtuosic moments that thrill and exhilarate. The only things that don't work as well seem to be the band pieces with drums, in which electric guitar is used and blues phrasing can be heard - they are not executed at the high level of the other guitar only pieces. In spite of this, Jednom Davno... is good first start for this Croatian guitar player, which may catch the ear of listeners looking for a fusion of genres.


Marin was born on February 6th of 1976. After attending a private school for two years to study guitar, he began studying classical guitar at his primary music school, Josip Hatze in Split. He also began to attend various music seminars in order to be exposed to different musical styles. Marin later studied classical guitar with Ante Cagalj at the Music Academy in Zagreb. He has collaborated with a number of different musicians in order to give concerts, and looked to participate in a number of competitions - with great success. Marin knew it was best to broaden his musical vocabulary, and so began playing jazz, blues and flamenco. He incorporated these styles into his work, until graduating in 1999 with an emphasis on classical guitar.

Jerkunica now works at Josip Hatze in Split, teaching classical guitar, and spends his free time composing and recording original works.

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