The Undiscovered: Marcelo Birrer Fujisaki

Marcelo Birrer Fujisaki


Mastering Every Style

Marcelo Birrer Fujisaki submitted his four-song instrumental demo CD-R, with track titles that pretty much give away the style used on the piece. For example, track 1 is entitled "Rock", and true to its name, the song is a showcase for every manner of shred coming from the fleet fingers of Mr. Fujisaki. Track 2, "Country Man", is a, well, country song, perfect for a two-step with your best girl (albeit a long one, as the track checks in at more than nine minutes. Classical music is covered on the appropriately named, "Baroque", which gives Fujisaki the opportunity to stretch his compositional skills. The final piece, "Refined Woman", is perhaps the most sonically interesting, as he explores Bossa Nova with a nylon strung guitar, delivering melodically solid motifs and a liquid solo. This demo would probably be a good introduction if Fujisaki wanted to get work as a studio musician since it shows his versatility, but if he wants to put out a full-length CD, he needs to pick one style as a favorite and master it, in order to do the music justice.


Marcelo has been inspired by guitar music since he was a child. He favors a spontaneous approach to the guitar, hoping at least one track on his demo can appeal to someone, no matter which style of music they prefer. Marcelo enjoys including world influences in his original music, and also strives to include difficult or challenging passages, both chordally and with his soloing.

Fujisaki plans to continue to leverage his musical inspiration to create more music in the future.

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Marcelo Birrer Fujisaki