The Undiscovered: Marcel Anton

Marcel Anton


Defying Categorization With Latest CD

Party at Anton's! Guitarist, singer and songwriter Marcel Anton's new CD Tantra Carnival rocks the house with a genre-defying blend of funk, rock, Caribbean with crunching guitar soloing -- New Orleans by way of Key West, New York and Portland. Anton, whose vocal style has been likened to David Bowie, writes with the idea of exploring the depths of human experience and celebrating living and loving. He is an accomplished guitarist, favoring clean, funkified rhythms and energetic, overdriven leads. Highlights on the disc include the dark "I Am You", with it's heavy, vibrato-laden solo, and "Make Me The One", an uptempo, almost surf-sounding number with another great solo. Beautiful ballads compliment the raw edge material, but overall, Tantra Carnival has a little bit of just about everything!


Marcel has a Master's in Music and three degrees from the Grove School of Music. He recently had three songs placed in a film by Hefner Productions' "Glass Cage". Marcel's credit include work with a wide range of artists such as the Skeletones, members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Linda Hopkins, Third World, Public Image, Shakeh, Collen Clark, Gallivan Burwell, Floyd Dixon, Albert Collins, Stuart Copeland, Dennis Walker, The Van Nuys Symphony Orchestra, and many others.

Live, Anton has been known to take advantage of his background in acting and dancing to ensure a top-notch entertainment experience. He plays the parts of guitar, horns and keyboards alternately and all at once, sometimes from the floor, on his back, or even with his teeth.

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