The Undiscovered: Magdalene



Texan Power Rock

Magdalene is a power rock/pop band out of Tyler, Texas, that features a two-guitar attack, bass, drums and vocals. They submitted a three-song demo CD-R to showcase their original tracks, and the tracks feature a heavy rhythmic crunch, simple lead work, and cleanly played arpeggios. The guitarists, who just go by first names, are Peter and Michael (they're not the Monkees reunited... honest) and they only need to demand more lead time from whoever is doing the song arrangements to attract more of the guitar fanatics out there - even some twin leads with trade offs would rock the houses in Texas for sure. The other band members, also using only first names, are Bret on bass, Tim on drums, and Joanna on vocals. Just need more guitars here - and get some last names!


Magdalene have torched a path throughout Northeast Texas and Louisiana with a sound that cuts to the soul and a live show that has to be experienced. The band was selected among the top 16 bands out of 1000 from the West by Disk Maker's Heavy Hitters World Series Compilation CD 2005 (when they were known as After Dark). Magdalene worked with multi-gold record producer Robin Hood Bryan on their newest single "If You Want Me To". Last year, the group shared the stage with featured VH1 and MTV artist Flickerstick. Magdalene's music is aggressively played and downloaded off the and the sites. Since October of 2005, the band has gained a large following in the U.S., U.K., and other parts of the world.

Magdalene maintains an active live performance schedule, so look for them at a Northeast Texas or Louisiana venue very soon.

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