The Undiscovered: Lynn Patrick

Lynn Patrick


Instrumental Acoustic Music Coveys Soaring Freedom

Colorado's Lynn Patrick has released Winnie's Guitar, an instrumental acoustic guitar CD with tracks ranging from light jazz to country flatpicking to gentle contemplations. The music unpretentiously but unmistakably conveys a sense of soaring freedom--tracks such as "Passing Through", "California Zephyr" and "Letting Go" telling stories with universal appeal using notes and rhythm instead of words and phrases. Patrick has earned accolades for her guitar work, and it's easy to hear why--warm, flatpicked fusillades, exquisite melodic forays and fresh-minded harmony combine to create a wonderful listening experience. Winnie's Guitar, described as, "a project of joyful whimsy," by one reviewer, is sure to impress and delight acoustic guitar fans.


Lynn taught herself to play guitar at age 16, and within two years was writing original music and performing in local clubs. She performed in both Tallahassee and Boston before moving to Colorado in 1984. Lynn's career as a musician has spanned nineteen years and has included a final round appearance at the Lyons Folks Festival Troubadour Contest and performances at the Jerry Ford Pro Golf Tournament for six consecutive years. Her first CD ("Natural Voice Inside") was released in 1995 and received significant airplay in Boulder, Los Angeles and Utah. Winnie's Guitar made the KGNU Top 100 list for 1998 and is on regular rotation on radio stations in Greeley, Boulder, New Haven and St. Cloud.

A full-time, professional musician, Patrick is currently working on her third CD.

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