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Luna Blanca


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Luna Blanca's Guitar Island provides listeners with the unforgettable delight of new sounds and creations, conveying an extraordinary and pleasant sound of harmony. Delivered in the New Flamenco style, German guitarist Richard Hecks impresses with beautiful sounds and environments, occasionally trading melodies with pianist Helmut Graebe. European flamenco guitarist Bino Dola also contributes on rhythm guitar, while Sascha Popping adds his award winning percussion stylings. If your one of the hundreds of thousands of Ottmar Liebert fans out there, you might want to check out someone truly inspired by his music - Richard Hecks - and his recordings with Luna Blanca.


In 1999, Richard had his first performance together with a friend from Bocholt in the concert hall of the same city near the Dutch border. Both musicians were pleased, almost amazed, with the reception enjoyed by their classical guitar music. At the time, Richard couldn't know what the musical future would bring him. The ocean of music that engulfed him and his guitar - built by the famous guitar builder Hermann Hauser - years earlier was to sweep him away from classical music and wash him ashore on a new musical island. Inspired also by Ottmar Liebert's "Nouveau Flamenco", Richard quickly found his new guitar style.

Awards recently received include a recommendation on Happyday New Age Radio as Best New Flamenco Guitar Group. As a result of some very enthusiastic reviews from members, "Island Reggae" was Track of the Day on Thursday, the 18th of January and reviewer's pick as "Best guitars in Latin" for the week of 29th January 2007.

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