The Undiscovered: Lorne Hind

Lorne Hind


Adept At Rock, Blues, Metal, Funk & More

All the way from Ontario, Canada comes guitarist Lorne Hind, who submitted a four song (really song snippets) demo CD-R entitled Spoiled. Designed to display Hind's mixed bag of musical influences, such as rock, blues, metal, funk, shred and reggae dance, the songs all groove hard, and showcase his liquid soloing style. Nice! Funky "007 Rock 1" has a serious bass, mixed just the way is should be, that clears the way for passionate, melodious guitar lines. "Reggae Rock" takes the listener 'just off' the island, as rock meets reggae - with rock winning the battle due to Hind's effortless, overdriven fretwork. The production on the demo is rough in spots, with an on-again, off-again amp buzz and the song snippets ending rather abruptly, but as an example of what Hind can do with a guitar (sort of a musical business card), it suits the purpose just fine.


Lorne target his original music for movie themes. He loves to shred, but in a melodic manner whenever possible. Whatever the song requires, Lorne strives to fit in the best choice of notes. Long term, he would like to bring a new sound and style to the instrumental guitar world, and feels his current demo is taking him in that direction.

Hind's future plans include perhaps owning a studio, doing session work, writing songs and scores for movie soundtracks, and penning tunes for well-known bands. He would also love to put together a three-piece band to spotlight his instrumental guitar work.

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