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Greasing The Soul Of Grungy Blues

All instrumental, greasy-jazzy blues is what you'll find on Mayan Mud, the latest EP-length CD from the Bay-area trio LIttle Muddy. Centered around the melodic sting of guitarist Rich Goldstein's six-string, the band's tasteful, less-is-more approach works well, creating a virtual soundtrack befitting a Quentin Tarantino movie, a top-down drive through America's heartland, or a life-done-me-wrong-but-I'm-gettin'-by character study. As Goldstein himself says about the soundscape, "You might imagine you're in a dark wood immersed in that Ozarky spooky character." Sinuous slide and gnarling acoustic guitars lend even more flavor to the material; in short, if you like instrumental, roots-influenced music that literally transports you to a scenic setting, check out the Little Muddy offering Mayan Mud.


Creating instrumental roots-rock that is both driving and sublime, Little Muddy was formed in San Francisco in 1997. Little Muddy's first CD release in 1999, "Little Muddy", received national attention through Hear Music stores across the country. With a motion picture soundtrack to its credit in director Jason Rosette's edgy highway/streetside urban feature "BookWars", Little Muddy provides a striking highway feel from which the story is effectively and memorably launched. Using a blend of vintage acoustic and electric instrumentation, guitarist Rich Goldstein, multi-instrumentalist Scott Shaw, and percussionist Vince Littleton on have continued to create spare, emotionally-moving instrumental music on Little Muddy's second release Mayan Mud.

The band continues to seek promotional opportunities for their music. Recently, the song "Nitro Burnin' And Modified" off Mayan Mud has been picked up by Essential Music production library for possible film and TV placement.

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