The Undiscovered: Little Dead Riding Hood

Little Dead Riding Hood


My, What Loud Guitars You Have

Here's a first. We received the hard progressive metal CD Fortune Cookie Monster from the New Jersey band Naked Mole-Rats, only to find out that, inspired by a little girl's wild imagination on Halloween night 2002, they've decided to change their band name to Little Dead Riding Hood and rename the CD Unhinged. So whatever title you may find it under, you'll hear music influenced by '70s progressive, the heavy metal explosion on the '80s and the deep tonal mood of the '90s. Bruce Gatewood is the guitarist responsible for the heavy sound shock - doom'n'gloom rhythms undercut slinky, snarling lines and head-splitting guitar fills. With the CD containing tracks with names such as "Graveyard Blues", "War Zone", "Unstable" and "Frustration Disipation" (sic), you probably won't be humming the tunes at your next family reunion - rather, lock your doors and windows, grab the beverage of your choice, turn off the lights, put whatever-your-copy-is-called into the CD player and prepare for a guitar heavy descent into the madness of a fairy tale character slowly becoming... unhinged.


All the band members of LDRH/NMR (Danny Eng, vocals; Frank Baron, bass; Mark Mari, drums, in addition to Gatewood) are veteran musicians and have been playing with various acts and solo projects for many years before banding together in the year 2000 as the Naked Mole-Rats. Mari's in-the-pocket percussion beats and Baron's stalking bass lines allow Gatewood to lay down a wide range of guitar sounds to which Eng applies his deeply engaging lyrics tying all the songs together. Their CD contains this great quote, "A work of art is never finished. Just abandoned." Fortune Cookie Monster (soon to be Unhinged) is the group's first abandonment, and probably not their last.

LDRH/NMR is currently looking for decent management and, of course, a label with wide distribution.

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