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Conquering The Heavy Metal Market

Stand And Conquer is the title of the latest CD from the Ohio-based, prog/power metal group Legacy. Featuring the blistering axe work of guitarist Darin Moore, the CD offers eight vocal numbers and two amazing instrumentals, "Survival Of The Fittest" and "Battlecry/The Reckoning". Moore combines mega-heavy, Hades-crushing guitar riffs, thrashing, progressive, heavy grooves and virtuosic, technically demanding solos that recall Michael Harris (one of his former instructors) and early Jason Becker. Randy Allen's vocals are also impressive, as this is one vocalist that can actually sing, not just growl, spit and scream like many pseudo-vocalists recording today. Rounding out this formidable foursome are Patrick Palmer on bass and Andy Hall on drums. Clearly this group has what it takes to make some noise in the metal genre - Stand And Conquer is an album that strikes with jagged precision.


As lead guitarist of Legacy, Darin has had over two decades to perfect his craft. After taking formal lessons with several teachers, Darin credits getting instruction from guitarist Michael Harris as helping him shape and refine his playing the most. After spending his time fine tuning his skills, Darin joined local bands Sabre and FTW, which never seemed to get off the ground. In 1999, he finally found a home with the group Legacy. Darin continues to try to expand his skills and enjoys everything from blues, jazz and classical (with a special interest in the neo-classical power progressive metal styles).

Moore also has produced an instructional video, "Building A Shred Arsenal", 90 minutes of licks, scales, phrases, string-skipping ideas, arpeggios, right-hand plucking, and even a section on unique chords.

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