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Angst For The Intelligent

Defying classification, Latent Pop Tendencies' CD, The Zenith Of Dixie, is the brainchild of guitarist Larry Giannecchini, who also handles lead vocals on the seven vocal tracks. Since the three instrumentals are almost by definition more guitar oriented, we'll focus on those. Both "Ignant Shuffle" and the 8 minute "Lingerie" are wonderful examples of an ambiguous fusion of jazz and rock idioms, which mark the project as a whole. "Adio Gradisca" is a creative and artfully arranged piece which could easily lead to an entire album of like-minded pieces. Giannecchini is a much more than proficient guitarist, whose seductively off-kilter guitar lines and expressive phrasing rule the roost - in spite of the superb contributions of musicians too numerous to detail. It's been described as "King Crimson meets Randy Newman", so those into songwriting and lyrical musings should be juiced enough to check out Giannecchini and LPT's The Zenith Of Dixie - good stuff.


Larry's forward looking work with Latent Pop Tendencies is on the cutting edge of contemporary music. A poster child for late bloomers, his music is eclectic and esoteric, fusing aspects of pop/rock, jazz, and academic composition into an accessible art form. The lyrics feature imagery that is laced with sarcasm, venom, and humor. Giannecchini's posture is that of a seasoned musician who recognizes all too well the disparity between music for listening and the left/right cadence of commercial radio. A guitar virtuoso on electric and nylon string instruments, Larry brings a lifetime of experience and dedication to his product. A well established figure in the Los Angeles underground, this sleeping giant is on the rise.

LPT leaves you with this thought, "Welcome to our halfway house for the musically lost and found. Do not expect to have a comfortable encounter. Our challenge to the curious is to dismiss conventional expectation and open the mind. Ultimately we have endeavored to make an artistic contribution."

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