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Kostas Ladopoulos


Rocker Seeks Record Label

Kostas Ladopoulos is a Greek born guitarist who has released Enter Outside, a five song, EP-length CD of his self-described experimental instrumental rock. While not avant-garde, tracks such as the title track blend a number of genres inside of the same tune, which may be the experimentation Ladopoulos is referring to. Featuring lengthy improvisational solo sections, his music is designed for people looking for something different and familiar at the same time. "Trembling Stars" has some bizarre, guitar-created caterwaul at the end, while "Desert Moon" is a delay-soaked, backwards guitar interlude. The exoticness of "Desert Sun" makes it probably one of the most interesting tracks on the album.


Kostas was born in Athens, Greece in 1979, and is currently working in the professional music studio Larione10 in Florence, Italy. He had previously been playing with local bands in Greece for about 10 years, before relocating to Italy two years ago. Kostas never took any formal lessons but studied method books thoroughly. The guitarist that originally made guitar his favorite instrument was Angus Young and Metallica. The player that totally changed his view of music and guitar composition was John Petrucci. Right now his favorite guitarists are Petrucci, Ron Jarzombek, Steve Vai, Alex Skolnick (his latest fusion works),Tony MacAlpine, Frank Gambale and Scott Henderson. Kostas also has great admiration for drummer and composer Virgil Donatti.

Ladopoulos is in search of a music label that will be able to help him produce his music, collaborate with other musicians and distribute his work. He has already begun writing new material and will hopefully be lining up some great guest musicians for the project.

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