The Undiscovered: Kompost



Electric Release From Multi-Instrumentalist

Kompost is the brainchild of songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, performer, producer and recording engineer Kerry Chicoine. Formed in 1996, Kompost's music can best be described as 'eclectic electric'. Inspired by artists as diverse as the Foo Fighters, Crowded House and XTC, Kompost delivers a hard-hitting brand of pop music. Nothing if not unusual, challenging and bizarre, Kompost's cassette release, Hip To The Apocalypse, pushes boundaries and at the same time offers a healthy helping of willfully fuzzed-out, rock guitar soloing on most of the eight tracks. Kompost's cassette will appeal to fans of twisted, far-reaching pop, in their search for the eccentric.


Kerry has been involved in various bands and recording projects since the early 1980s. In addition to Kompost, Kerry has produced recordings for artists such as the Susans, the Beads, Love Desert and the Worldshakers. From 1984 to 1990, Kerry nurtured the Beads, a Wings/George Harrison-inspired quartet, who released three albums. From 1990 through1995 Kerry worked with the Susans, who released two sparking acoustic guitar-based albums. With the advent of the grunge scene, Kerry found himself being increasingly drawn towards heavier, guitar-based songs, and disbanded the Susans.

Chicone is currently on hiatus from his day job as a banker, traveling around the country and writing new music. He plans on assembling a band upon completion of his next project, "Lucid In Rain", and gig in the Los Angeles area.
With the three songs from Three Piece Feast, Abstract is well positioned to begin making a noise in the competitive music industry.

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Kerry Kompost
United States