The Undiscovered: King Karma

King Karma


Turning It Up, Letting Go

King Karma is a Canadian band that live by the simple formula of plugging in, turning up and letting go, and they demonstrate as much on their self-titled CD, King Karma. With all the blue-based, hard rock fury you might expect from a band spearheaded by GIT trained guitarist Markus Wolfe, King Karma delivers heavy, riff-soaked crunch that never lets up - reminding the listener of the days when this kind of music was played all over the radio stations in North America, Australia, Europe and Asia. With Shaun Williamson on vocals, Todd Ronning on bass, and Rick Fedyk on drums, Wolfe has a solid band alongside him that provides the push, drive and impetus for his muscular solo work. Imagine an amped up Bad Company, updated for the new millennium, with a touch more aggression and attitude and you'll have a good starting point for understanding where Wolfe and King Karma are coming from. Check it out.


Guitarist Markus Wolfe, born in Vancouver and a founding member of King Karma, began his musical career in Los Angeles where he attended the world-renowned guitar institute, GIT. The faculty at GIT convinced Markus to lengthen his stay as a GIT instructor. Upon his return to Vancouver Markus joined musical forces with bassist, Todd Ronning. The pair formed a songwriting partnership and would later play with Paul Rodgers of Bad Company in Rodgers' solo band. Shortly after Markus caught up with Todd in Nashville where the two began shaping the sound that would ultimately be recorded on KK's critically acclaimed debut.

In May 2005, King Karma signed with Centurion Records (a division of Centurion Music Group Inc.) The deal would include the US and Canadian release of King Karma's debut album through Universal Music.

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