The Undiscovered: KillSwitch



Creative, Unusual Power Trio Oozes Intensity

From Kalamazoo, Michigan comes a three-piece trio with a highly unusual sound and even higher aspirations. The band: KillSwitch. The album: Bastard Story, a four-song EP/CD featuring band members Jeff Clements on guitar and vocals, Bill Clements on bass and Mike Yount on drums. The bands unusual sound is a cross between a dissonant Rush and a melodic Smashing Pumpkins, while simultaneously managing to sound like neither of the above. The bass sound on the record, in particular, sounds highly processed and synth-like due in part to bassist Bill Clements' hammer-on playing style. Jeff Clements, for his part, has a toned-down playing style that contrasts with his grunged-up sonic textures.


KillSwitch's roots began in the late '80s as a progressive power trio called Catharsis, who were known for their incredible live shows, outstanding musicianship and cleverly written lyrics. However an accident in 1988 claimed half of bassist Bill Clements' right arm. Determined to continue playing bass, Bill taught himself to finger/hammer each note with the fingers of his left hand. He then left Catharsis to start the band Selling Heaven with his brother, Yount and vocalist Chris Breyers. When Breyers left the band, KillSwitch was born, as Jeff Clements took over on vocals and they pushed on as a trio.

KillSwitch regards the four tracks on Bastard Story as more "listener friendly" than past releases. The band plans to use this project to begin shopping for record labels which will position them for a full length, national release.

Contact Information

Miracle Productions
6083 San Gabriel Dr., Apt. C
Kalamazoo, MI 49009
United States