The Undiscovered: Kevin Pike

Kevin Pike


Guitarist Works Instrumental & Christian Rock

Clearwater, Florida guitarist Kevin Pike submitted a CD-R demo of six songs representing his musical direction at this point in time. The collection features three instrumental rock tracks followed by three vocal tracks recorded with his group Christine Steel. Pike is a major league guitar player, with brilliantly developed chops that match speed with precision. Have a listen to "Captain Courageous" - the opening lulls you into a false sense of serenity, then Pike comes blazing in with the heavy artillery, shifting focus in dizzying fashion. The remaining instrumentals "Pike's Peak" and "French Drop" also feature impressively fluid soloing and ensure Pike his place in the hearts of shredders everywhere. Even the vocal numbers are showcases for Pike's axework - we'd love to hear a a full length guitar instrumental CD from this Floridian fretmeister.


Kevin began playing guitar at the age of 15, practicing every spare moment. He began playing out with bands at age 17, Kevin later studied music at a local community college, and studied guitar at GIT in Hollywood. He took private lessons with Bruce Bouillet (Racer X) and graduated from GIT in 1989. Kevin began teaching guitar himself, then toured for two years with the Young American Showcase, which found him playing at high schools throughout the United States and Canada. He later was featured in Guitar For The Practicing Musician's Resume column in July, 1992, which garnered him tremendous exposure.

Currently, Pike is working on his instrumental songs, as well as with the Christian rock band Christine Steel, in which he is the lead guitarist and primary writer. It is his hope that that the future will allow him the opportunity to bring a positive message through music.

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Kevin Pike
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