The Undiscovered: Kenneth Skoog

Kenneth Skoog


Swedish Instrumental Deflagration

Sweden's Kenneth Skoog has released Deflagration, a demo collection (on CD) of fifteen instrumental hard rock tracks recorded between 1987 and 1993. Skoog favors blazing electric guitars in his compositions, which are generally high energy affairs. A talent on many instruments, Skoog handled all the guitars, bass and keyboards, which are laid over an insistent, thin-sounding drum machine beat. As one might expect on a demo, the production is rather rough throughout - from the guitar tones chosen (a bit grating - which could have been greatly improved by recording in a professional studio, perhaps miking the amps) to the overall arrangements, which didn't really support the powerful style, coming across thin, instead of heavy. In order to improve on this effort, Skoog merely needs to hook up with some crack musicians in his area, and give the production to someone like Mats Lindfors, or similar, who can coax the proper amount of power out of a hard rock guitarist.


Kenneth is a multi-instrumentalist, but his primary focus is on the guitar. He has composed over 600 songs in all styles ranging from symphonic pieces to minimalistic rock - and everything in between. Kenneth played in different bands from 1974 to 1984, in and around Malmo, Sweden. He first released a single in his own name in 1980 and has been a solo artist since 1985. Kenneth has studied at the Jazzinstitute in Malmo, Sweden, and both the Guitar Institute of Technology and the Keyboard Institute of Technology in Hollywood, California.

Since 1994, Skoog has been busy with solo and band projects in the area of Malmo, Sweden.

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