The Undiscovered: Ken Rubenstein

Ken Rubenstein


Radical & Innovative Guitar

Ken Rubenstein's CD-R, Invert And Transcend, pushes the envelope of Avant-Prog-Rock, with peerless and virtuosic music for multiple guitars, guitar synths and loops. Both electric and acoustic guitars are used on Rubenstein's compositions, as he utilizes his own advanced and idiosyncratic playing techniques for self-expression. Soprano Wendy Parker is featured accompanying Rubenstein on many tracks, lending the music an ethereal, almost mystical quality Tracks such as "Broms" and "Song For Paul" are challenging instrumentals which may be a great first tracks to introduce a new listener entering Rubenstein's sonic world, while "Yuwadee Sang With Love and Joy", with its wide interval riffs and spiraling motifs can be savored after one has been fully Rubin-ized. Fan of complex meters? You have found your omnibudsman.


Ken is a self taught guitarist and composer originally from New Jersey, now living in Portland, Oregon. In the past, Ken has received praise from such publications as Guitar Player Magazine. In fact, he was the last and perhaps most controversial International Soundpage Winner for Guitar Player Magazine, featured in the October '91 issue. He was the recipient of the prestigious New Jersey Council on the Arts Composer's Fellowship in 1995 and has been a Composer in Residence for the internationally acclaimed and highly competitive New Dramatists Composer-Librettist Workshop in New York City. Ken is currently a Professor of Mathematics at Portland Community College, regularly teaching one of his favorite subjects- Linear Algebra. Such great nonmusical innovators as Ivan Albright, Stanley Kubrick, Frank Lloyd Wright, Salvador Dali and Evariste Galois amongst others inspire Ken.

Rubenstein's future plans are simply to continue to write and record music, as well as to improve as a guitarist and composer.

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