The Undiscovered: Ken Burtch

Ken Burtch


Cutting Edge Guitarist Delivers the Instrumental Goods

Guitarist Ken Burtch, from Spokane, Washington, is one of the many players who've discovered the benefits of one additional guitar string. On his eponymous CD release Ken Burtch, he uses an Ibanez Universe seven string guitar on five instrumental cuts that combine soaring melodies with a blend of contemporary techniques. From the high-energy, 'extreme sports'-like groove of "Comin' Thru" to the liquid quality of the lines in the ballad "Pure And Simple", Burtch uses his abilities and musicianship to fit the mood of each piece. Clearly, he is a guitarist with a bright future if he continues to develop his talent.


The 28-year-old Burtch began playing guitar at the age of 15, learning "Smoke On The Water" from a friend in high school. After quitting guitar lessons after four months due to a lack of funds, Ken pursued the guitar on his own, developing his style through his job at a local music store. Ken's biggest influence in his early days was Steve Vai. He has found success entering local guitar competitions, placing second in 1996 and winning it all in 1993. His interest in other instruments and recording led to the release of Ken Burtch in 1997.

Burtch has decided to keep his options for a career in music wide open for now. He is currently in negotiations to be a part of a compilation CD with other instrumental guitarists. Even if Ken Burtch winds up to be his one and only musical statement, Burtch has found recording and releasing the album to be an incredible experience.

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