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It's Winter - Let's Hit The Beach

KCR Radio Presents Aztec Beach is the title of San Diego area KCR college radio's compilation CD, featuring eleven instrumental surf bands and twenty-one tracks - all recorded live for your listening pleasure. Hosted by DJ Clint Beachwood of "A Day at the Beach" fame, the CDs sold benefit the college station's operations - but it's also a great way to check out a number of solid Southern California surf bands, as they hit the stage in support of one of their favorite musical outlets. Groups featured range from the old school tradition of the Duo-tones to the revved-up sound of The Infrareds to the modern spin on the genre by Slacktone and Chum. Let's not forget G9 favorite, the cinematic surf emanating from the Detonators. Do you want to be a total hodod the rest of your life - of course you don't, so check out and purchase KCR Radio Presents Aztec Beach.


KCR is a volunteer-run student radio station located on San Diego State University grounds. They have been operating primarily on cable radio systems since their beginning in 1969. This had been their only option due to the FM and AM bands being divided between the United States and Mexico, thus leaving no space for local non-commercial stations in San Diego. Along the way, they've also added an AM transmission and Internet streaming, allowing their programs to be heard throughout the world. KCR is one of the last free form radio stations in the country. If you hear it on commercial radio stations, you won't hear it on KCR.

Beachwood hosts KCR's popular "A Day At The Beach" surf music show on Thursdays from 4 - 6 p.m. Pacific Time. KCR is heard online, on Cox Digital Cable Channel 956 and Time Warner Music Choice Channel 957.

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