The Undiscovered: Kathryn Grimm

Kathryn Grimm


Smooth Voice, Smoking Chops

"Kathryn could be the love-child of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eva Cassidy with her smoking chops, smooth voice and clever, true-to-life lyrics," a quotable quote describing Kathryn Grimm's work on her latest CD, Grimm Again. Geared towards blues enthusiasts, the ten tracks rip and snort with a blues passion and a rock attitude. You'll be drawn in by Grimm's voice as well as her guitar work, as tracks such as "Wishing Well" highlight both skills - in spades. The shuffle drive of "The Way I Feel" leaves space for some biting, signature licks - a favorite. The album's closer, "Birthday Blues" is an achingly melodic acoustic number sure to be enjoyed by Bonnie Raitt fans, among others. Keep the blues alive and sample Grimm Again by this California-based artist.


Kathryn was born and bred in Seattle, and inspired by her two older sister's record collections, she began singing and playing guitar at age 13. She was accepted into the University of Washington's Musical Engineering program and began working part-time in a recording studio but before Kathryn could finish her degree, the University program was dissolved. Kathryn later settled in Hollywood, and enrolled in a one-year guitar trade school, an experience she calls "...a big waste of money." Her real musical education came afterwards, when she began playing in a slew of bands. Kathryn replaced Rosie Flores as guitarist and songwriter for the notorious all-female "Screamin' Sirens" (Restless Records), a country-punk band known for their heavy partying and crazy antics. In 2000, she graduated Cum Laude from California State University, Los Angeles, with a degree in Jazz Studies. Kathryn then released an eight song CD featuring original arrangements of her favorite standards titled, appropriately, "Jazz According to Grimm", and then continued her education earning a Master's Degree in Commercial Music.

Aside from performing and recording, Grimm is also a published songwriter, an in-demand vocal and guitar instructor running her own teaching business in Hollywood, a freelance live and session vocalist/guitarist as well as an engineer/producer for hire.

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