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Julien Carriere


French Shredder Shops Demo

France's Julien Carriere's CD-R submission is entitled Nemesis, and is a shred demo containing seven tracks, incorporating everything that has influenced him during the past few years. A blend of divergent tracks with backgrounds from metal, space rock, new age (there are some Vangelis-like passages) and hard rock, the common thread is usually a blast of furious legato or swept picking which sets a tone for the shred to follow. Carriere has developed his technique to a high level studying with a number of teachers, and the demos on this CD-R are mainly designed to showcase that technique (especially a track such as "Helldorado"). It's always a trick to both play at a high technical level while also creating something unique and memorable, so Carriere probably will be recording with that goal in mind for the future.


At age 16, Julien first began to discover guitar through bands like Death, Obituary, and other extreme metal bands. But it was really musicians such as Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen and Zakk Wylde that a great guitarist can evoke passion and fury with technique and a gift for composing unforgettable melodies. Later, Julien began to replace regular school lessons with guitar lessons, learning the music and techniques of Steve Morse, Al DiMeola, Shawn Lane and others. In 1999, he entered a guitar school and later became a teacher for a year at the same school. He rates George Bellas as his current most influential player, as he gained valuable inspiration and ideas from Bellas' CD "Turn Of The Millennium".

Carriere is currently searching for a record company for his projects, as well as endorsements. He would like to do an album of fusion and jazz/rock tunes as well as record a neo-classical demo with an American guitarist names Tony Smotherman.

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