The Undiscovered: Jose Suller

Jose Suller


Instrumental Rocker Seeks Record Company

Spain's Jose Suller is circulating his six song instrumental demo CD-R called Changing Lives, featuring hard rock and shred that Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Jan Cyrka fans could easily relate to. Basic machine bass and drums provide the backdrop for blazing fretwork delivered via a host of 21st century techniques (sweeping, advanced legato, tapping, whammy bar tricks, harmonic squeals, etc.) The opening track ("Intro Solo") is an "Eruption"-like solo guitar piece designed to grab the listener's attention, while the "Swaying With The Wind" brings the 'band' in for a Satriani-esque musical ride. Suller's got all the technique a guitarist could want, and with most guitarists this advanced, his only challenge is to carve out his own unique space in the instrumental rock world. To Jose's credit, the third song on the CD-R, "When You Lose A Friend" was named song of the month by the magazine Guitarra Total - the Spanish edition of Total Guitar - in December of 2000.


Jose has been playing the guitar for about 15 years. He started out teaching himself the basics, then later studied at one of the best known music schools in Spain, "Taller de Musicos de Barcelona", where he studied jazz, fusion, harmony and other subjects. Jose has been the stage guitarist for singer Mikel Herzog (one of the most famous pop singers in Spain). He has spent the past three years as guitarist for the rock band Chicanos, who are seeking a record contract. Jose counts as his influenced Satriani and Vai, as well as AOR bands from the '80s, such as Europe and Whitesnake. He currently is the official endorsee of Crate amplification in Spain, and got to play a clinic with Marty Friedman (who endorses Crate in the USA).

Suller's main objective is to find a record company to publish and release his music.

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