The Undiscovered: Jon Paget

Jon Paget


Overlooked Metal Master Axeman

California area guitarist Jon Paget's three-song demo CD-R is a sample of music that is slated to appear on his upcoming first instrumental CD. Paget's music kicks off with "The Lucifer Limbo", a groove-based metal track which opens with mood setting feedback, and features heavy use of delay and a raw, gnarled guitar squall Little Nicky would be proud of. "Red & Rusted" starts with backwards guitar effects and features good use of wah and whammy before the incendiary guitar solo kicks in - enough to rust the most stainless of steel! Finally a lone acoustic guitar opens the percussionless, balled tempo track "Fool's Reprise", which offers plenty of double and triple tracked guitars, along with spacey, gut-wrenching feedback, serrated muted lines, and a swirling climax. Paget is currently keeping himself busy recording and mixing, so we'll see what the future holds for his full-length debut.


Jon gave up guitar at the age of ten after not being able to stand playing "Moma's Little Baby Loves Shortnin' Bread" for hour-long periods of time. But some basic "hum & strum" skills and the confidence in his ability to learn the instrument, coupled with the inspiration of artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Michael Schenker, Ritchie Blackmore, Frank Marino, and Alvin Lee led to the purchase of a $30 electric guitar. Jon began playing improvisational leads over songs from his favorite albums, such as Nazareth's "Please Don't Judas Me," or Rush's "Working Man". He later studied guitar under Gunnar Eisel at Fullerton College. Jon joined a number of bands, including Steel Prophet and Damen Smash, which brought him plenty of gig experience.

Through all this, the Audioize project was born. Not a set band, this "project" allows Paget to showcase different artists, creating his own pieces which showcase his neoclassical and exotic scale work, as well as doing silly parodies of old hits such as "Dirty Water". This freedom of expression is the best yet recorded sessions of his unique sound and style. The CD, titled "Martian Boogie" should be available soon.

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