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Johnny Rushmore


Emerging Artist Wants Your Ears

Boogie Man is guitarist/vocalist Johnny Rushmore's seven song CD-R, featuring music designed to recapture the passionate blues/hard rock guitar of a bygone era. Vocally reminiscent of bluesman Stevie Ray Vaughan, the brisk shuffles and grooving, in-the-pocket blues-rock are immediately appealing. "My Baby" kicks off the CD-R and offers plucky Albert King-style licks, while the closer, "Hell To Pay", serves up frenetic blues-box fills and leads. In between you'll be treated to all manner of slow, grinding blues, snaky slide boogies, and a fine assortment of aggressively performed blues-based riffs. Rushmore's guitar technique and songwriting encompasses a variety of styles from Frank Marino/Jimi Hendrix rock to Chicago and Delta blues, but his energy and passion put his original tracks a cut above the rest. Try to catch Rushmore's live act if you can.


A suburban Maryland native, Johnny decided at a very early age that he wanted to play rock 'n' roll. Playing guitar since he was 12, influenced by his mentors Jimi Hendrix and Johnny Winter, his brothers' and sisters' record collection was his early inspiration. A dedicated musician since his early teens, Rushmore - or Johnny Tsak, as he is sometimes known, in addition to Johnny Tsakanikas - has developed a pretty solid reputation as a local guitar-slinger on the rise. Discovered by concert promoter Michael Lang while playing at Jimmy's Tavern 'Open Mic Night' in Herndon, Virginia, in December of '98, Johnny was late invited to close out opening day on the main Emerging Artist stage at Woodstock 99'. Since returning from Woodstock, local record label AROM Entertainment has offered to pick up Johnny's latest release.

In addition to work on a new electric blues CD, Rushmore has an acoustic project in the works. He is also looking for new musicians to work with and would like to resume touring.

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