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Johnny Katchoolik


Cerebrally Extracted Quirky Ideas

This is a great opening description of the music on Johnny Katchoolik's CD Wings Of The Mind, "The album starts out with an appetizer of tunes that will ease you into the Katchoolik groove. They are filled with light but flavorable percussion sounds, inspired by Katchoolik's taste for world music. Then, you are whisked to a different dimension, where your mind is challenged with various experimental sounds and rhythms. The percussion, fretless bass, and guitars give wings to your mind. Finally, the sonic journey winds down with a few mellow and more contemplative tunes that are designed to help you decompress and relax your mind as you continue your day." No one is 'writer enough' here to improve upon that! For truly unique, instrumentally diverse fusion, rooted in improvisation, yet grounded in composition, check this stuff out.


Johnny Katchoolik (gesundheit!) is a solo indie musician/multi-instrumentalist/composer/producer, guitarologist by training but also plays bass, keyboard, synthesizer, and various electronic and software instruments... everything from avant-garde music to alternative, jazz fusion, improvisation, experimental, and rock... eccentric, offbeat, no limits, no boundaries, wherever and whatever the imagination and music inspire. Although Katchoolik (bless you!) has performed with various bands over the years, the studio (Ghetto Sound Studio) is Johnny's true playground, where quirky ideas are surgically extracted from his cerebral cortex... recently, Katchoolik (salud!) co-founded PolyAcoustic Records for the exclusive release his indie music... life is just more colorful with music!

As a musician, Katchoolik (to your good health!) thrives on playing what hasn't been played. Are your wings of mind ready for the sonic flight?

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