The Undiscovered: John Terzino

John Terzino


Rocking The Folk With Blues

John Terzino submitted a 6 song demo CD-R featuring his own blend of rock, folk and blues. Two instrumentals are featured: "Hetu-Pratyaya" and "Jaca Boomation", which offer heavy, walloping, and freaked-out guitar lines, driving, hypnotic percussion and a fuzzed out tone. The folk and blues blends come in on the vocal numbers, as each tune makes an emotional statement of solid conviction. Terzino has only gotten serious with the guitar over the past few years, so there is room for future growth in his playing (watch those bends), but he's off to a good start, and he is currently dedicating himself to writing and playing his guitar with all his free time. Good deal.


John hails from the sleepy town of Laporte, Indiana where he still lives, and he has been writing songs and playing the guitar since high school, but only got serious after losing his leg to a blood disease. He counts as his influences the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, CSN&Y, the Doors, Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull. In addition to the guitar, John plays keyboards, drums, harmonica and bass guitar.

Terzino has worked through adversity, and with luck, can channel his newfound determination into his original music.

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John Terzino
United States