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The talented acoustic fingerstylist John Sheehan submitted two of his CDs, Instrumental Solo Guitar (which we'll focus on here) and Modern Man. His instrumental work is a brilliant display of technique and melodicism, where each track is unique and offers a glimpse into Sheehan's playing personality. With a command of dynamics and a heaping helping of soul, the compositions on Instrumental Solo Guitar literally come alive in his hands. Guitarists and non-guitarists alike will find plenty here to keep them entertained, and Sheehan should make a number of new fans among acoustic fans who appreciate musicianship, originality and sound quality in their recordings.


At age 16, John started playing guitar to counteract his adolescent loneliness and hyperactivity. Soon he found a personal focus in classical music that gave his soul and spirit a new and needed metamorphosis. John studied guitar at William Patterson College, then took to the road, playing rock, folk and country in bars and restaurants. Gain needed stage confidence, he realized the benefits of recording his original music and decided to release Instrumental Solo Guitar in 1995. He later recorded his second CD, Modern Man, which contains more of John's instrumentals, plus vocal ballads and clawhammer banjo tunes. Interestingly, John was a first place winner of the 1991 Candi-Creek Banjo Works Guitar Competition.

Sheehan's current performances display a balance of style, taking the audience back to the Renaissance with his lute and into Appalachia with his banjo. His contemporary guitar instrumentals round out his shows with a nod to the traditions of European classical and American contemporary styles.

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