The Undiscovered: John Kulinich

John Kulinich


Country/Blues Instrumental Mix

Alabama-based guitarist John Kulinich submitted his eight song CD-R that was recorded entirely in his living room. He managed to get a great sound on his country/blues instrumental mix considering the environment, as tracks such as "Workin' Man Blues", "Raisin' The Dickens" and "Nine Pound Hammer" amply demonstrate. Kulinich's countryish twang is a derivative of him combining his stylistic influences, and he is able to flow effortlessly from substyle to substyle when the compositional situation demands it. Plenty of rapid, chicken-pickin' licks can be heard emanating from his Telecaster, as years of experience have put a razor's edge on his playing and technical ability. One can only wonder if there are even more astonishing country/blues based riffs in Mr. Kulinich's repertoire - we'll see if a big country star takes the chance to snag him for their touring group to find out.


John began playing guitar seventeen years ago at the tender age of eight as a way to both impress and emulate his dad, a career musician. His father instilled in him the tools he needed in order to play effectively in a professional environment and be a good sideman. John's influences include the Allman Brothers, Chet Atkins and Danny Gatton, among others. He recently completed a season of work as a guitarist at the Dollywood theme park in Pigeon Forge, TN, and worked some of the other dinner theaters in the area. Finding the structured environment too confining, John returned home to a full schedule of students, the semi-local bar circuit and the occasional studio session.

Kulinich is currently debating a move to Nashville. He would ultimately like to end up riding a bus with a name act, or getting known as a studio cat - whatever prevents the necessity of getting a day job. (Amen, brother!)

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John Kulinich
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